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ATL123 Embedded Systems


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GCC has many Optimization options.  Choosing wisely at different phases of your development cycle will help make the test/debug phase of your project easier and allow you to ship a smaller, faster program.


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Chibios Program Template

Chibios Program Template

When starting a new project it is handy to have a program template that has many of the basics already written. Below I have a link to the program template that I use for most of my projects.  It is also the program that I will use on this website to present all but the more basic examples.  This way I do not have to provide a download for every program I present, just the module I am working with and a list of "usually minor" changes to config files and the main.c module.

The template is ready to build and download to your STM32F4-Discovery to get a feel for your build enviroment.  Once you have that running, you will be ready to explore the Template and start building your application

This template provides the following features:

App broken down into multiple modules so you can remove fuctions you don't want
USB-Serial connection
I/O pins configured and ready to be used for diagnostics

It also includes:

A task for simply blinking an LED.
A task for blinking an LED in Morse Code to display a fixed message
A command line Shell that allows interaction with your program over the
  USB-Serial connection.  The shell allows you to check process status, perform
  a memory dump and change timing on the Green LED flasher.

The template has a few other features available and also has a few built in flaws that we will fix in the articles on this website.

Download Chibios Project Template